The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is expanding its "Skip the Trip" program to all drivers.  The program allows residents to renew their drivers licenses by mail.

The program was first rolled out nine months ago for drivers born on or before Dec. 1, 1964, but it will now be open to drivers of all ages.

“In a couple of days we will be mailing out our first batch of Skip the Trip invitations to over 140 thousand people who are due to renew their licenses in October,” said Ray Martinez, MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator.

He stressed the program is designed to save drivers time.

To help get the word out about it, the MVC will kick off a media campaign today that will help reinforce the "Skip the Trip" message.

Individuals invited to "Skip the Trip" will only have to complete their renewal slip, enclose a check or money order with the appropriate fee and within 7 to 10 days, a new four-year driver's license or non-driver ID will be issued and sent through the regular mail.

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