It makes sense that the state where Skee Ball was born would provide the sport’s world champion. A 21 year old Edison man took home the National Skee Ball League championship in Brooklyn.

According to the Bridgewater Courier-News, Elan Footerman beat the number one seed (and three time champion) Joey “The Cat” Mucha (yes, they have nicknames in professional skee ball). Footerman, aka the Skee Ball Kid, took home $10,000 for winning the title. Not a bad haul for a boardwalk game.

The competition involved participants from 17 cities including San Francisco, Oakland, Brooklyn, and Cologne, Germany and the finals were streamed on Twitch. If you’re bored, there is video of something called the NSBL Show on Youtube that has action footage.

If you’ve been sharpening your skills along the Jersey Shore for years and think you could compete for that kind of prize money, here is the NSBL’s Facebook page. Good luck.

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