It seems as if the universities are trying to prevent their graduation ceremonies from becoming any longer than they already are.

Dennis and Judi were discussing some colleges and universities, including Bryant University, that have placed a ban on students taking selfies as they collect their diplomas.

Dennis and Judi both agreed, that kids don't even enjoy the moment their in anymore, as they're too busy taking photos of themselves. They were also in agreement that the rule being set forth by more and more schools is a good one. Graduation ceremonies are long enough without every kid stopping to take a photo of themselves when they're handed their diploma.

Dennis did offer one solution though for the student who just must take a selfie after graduating. You can take the photo of yourself but there will be an administrator waiting behind you to kick you swiftly in the pants afterwards!

Take the poll below and let us know if you agree with Dennis and Judi or if you think it should be ok for graduates to have some fun and take a seflie during their graduation ceremony.

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