Do bilingual signs annoy you? Do you have a problem seeing signs in both English and Spanish? Well Robert Shore feels you pain and the Flemington businessman is asking the borough to designate English as the borough’s official language.

Should all US signs only be displayed in NJ?
David McNew/Getty Images


While Shore cites the saving of money on printing the signs up in the other languages, councilman Joey Novick expressed concern that a key member of the board would the borough to “disregard 25 per cent of the boroughs population”


By not learning English, aren’t these people disregarding the language spoken by the majority and in this country, doesn’t the majority rule? When my Italian grandparents came here no one was putting signs up in their language yet they were able to abide by the rules and regulations posted in English. Would it really be a bad thing if everyone who lived in this country at least knew how to speak English?


President Obama is making learning English a key part of immigration reform. Why not continue that practice on the streets where you live?  Do you think English should be designated the official language of Flemington Borough? If it were up to me, I wouldn’t stop there…

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