NJ EMT workers are the only emergency service workers in NJ that do not go through a background check before being hired. Police and firefighters alike are subjected to background checks prior to beginning employment.

Should NJ EMT's unedrgo background checks?

Is it really a big deal? Senator Joe Vitale thinks so. Vitale has sponsored legislation that would make it mandatory for any EMT worker to have a mandatory background check prior to their start as an EMT. This would prevent people in a vulnerable situation from being taken advantage of.

There seemed to be a dispute amongst the  callers this morning as to whether or not mandatory background checks are already in play.  Some callers said that background checks are already in place, while others said that there are no procedures currently in place for a mandatory background check. Could it be that the full-time EMT's are the only ones subjected to the mandatory background check?

Howard Meyer, the Legislative Committee Chairman for the First Aid Council, called into Jim's show to clear up some of the misconceptions out there about the council's feelings towards background checks and what they believe this legislative movement is really all about.

If you go to the New Jersey Emergency Medical Services section on the state website, there is a background check section, for people to fill out and it is $41 to submit.


Is there enough widespread abuse by EMT's in NJ that would really necessitate this, though? According to this list, there apparently is.

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