According to TAPinto police have confirmed a dolphin attacked by a shark in Brant Beach. Sean Donahue witnessed the closeup encounter near 106th Street Beach. He provided this video.

Long Beach Township Police Captain Kevin Mahon says more than one shark was spotted Thursday morning.

It is not uncommon for sharks to attack dolphins, especially when they find young calves or sick adults. In fact, according to, off the coast of Sarasota, Florida, one third of the dolphin population is scarred from shark bites.

But dolphins are also known to fend off sharks. They tend to travel in pods and there’s a strength in numbers defense. They also have strong snouts and will chase and ram sharks targeting their soft, more vulnerable underbellies. They will also go for their gills to cause damage.

This dolphin in Brant Beach was likely caught alone.

Here’s a video with more on why sharks are sometimes afraid of dolphins.

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