Shaneen Allen, the mother who was arrested for carrying a gun with her in New Jersey, spoke with Dennis and Judi to discuss her pardon.

Shaneen Allen was arrested after a traffic stop where she openly told officers that she had a gun in the car that she had a concealed carry permit in her home state of Pennsylvania. Since then, Ms. Allen has been on an emotional roller coaster, that included 40 days in jail, the loss of her job and custody of her children.

Shaneen discussed what it was like to find out she was being pardoned by the governor. Allen talked about having to call in to Governor Christie's office for a hearing where she found out that the governor was granting her a pardon. As she noted "it's hard to believe, that with one stroke of a pen, that it's changed my life."

Sadly, when asked by Dennis and Judi what's next for Allen, she replied "finding a job," as she is unfortunately still unemployed. According to Allen, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get back on her feet with a career in the medical field.

Listen to the full interview in the YouTube clip above.

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