Katie Hurley, a child and adolescent psychotherapist, says some parents don't spend enough time thinking about what makes children happy.

Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

I believe some of Ms. Hurley's seven suggestions for happier kids are common sense "no brainers".  If it's some help to you, what the heck, it's well worth passing along.

1.  They Eat On Time  Eating at regular intervals "fuels" kid's brains and bodies.  When little ones are calm and satisfied, they experience greater happiness.

2.  They Get Consistent Sleep When children are well- rested they tend to be happier.  Make a consistent bedtime a priority.

3.  Let Them Play Without Instructions  Today's generation are fixated with tech toys.  Make some time for your kids to go out into the fresh air and just play.

4.  Allow Them To Express Emotions  If they're mad or upset, let them vent.  Then offer some advice or help.

5.  They Get To Make Choices  With supervision, let your kids choose their outfits or help plan the dinner menu.

6.  They Feel Heard  When children know their parents really listen to them, the child feels more connected.


7.  They Experience Unconditional Love  When children know their parents will always be there for them, for better or worse, they tend to be happy.

If Ms. Hurley's suggestions helps your child to be a bit happier, then I'm sure you'll be happier too.

Hey, what's more important in life than health and happiness?

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