Umbrellas up... again! While we're not facing torrential downpours or even a total washout, some wet weather will pass trough New Jersey on Tuesday. But only on Tuesday, as the rest of the week features dry (although colder) conditions.

As of this writing (5:30 a.m.) Tuesday morning, I'm watching our first batch of showers moving ever closer to northern New Jersey. I've decided to characterize Tuesday's precipitation as occasional spotty rain showers. Just enough to grab the umbrella for the day.

Skies will be cloudy, winds will be breezy, and temperatures will be mild. My forecast calls for high temps in the mid 40s (North Jersey), lower 50s (Central Jersey), and mid 50s (South Jersey). At least one model (the almighty Euro) has popped out some 60s Tuesday afternoon — not impossible, if we see substantial breaks in the rainfall and peeks of sunshine.

It looks like pockets of steadier rain will pass through the Garden State Tuesday evening. Just watch for wet, slippery road surfaces and low visibility. (Especially since fog is possible, regardless of the rain situation.)

Given the timing and low temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, there is a chance for snowflakes at the very tail-end of this thing. I'm not worried about big wintry impacts or slippery conditions — just some light snow mixed in with some very cold raindrops.

Showers will exit New Jersey early Wednesday morning (8 a.m. at the latest), and then skies will start to clear from northwest to southeast. Not a bad day Wednesday, although it will be breezy. And cooler too, as high temperatures will be limited to the mid 40s.

Thursday will be even colder, as we begin another cold snap. Just like the last one, this one will be brief, lasting all of two days. High temperatures Thursday afternoon will only be in the mid to upper 30s. Yet again, not a ferocious arctic blast, but certainly time to bundle up with heavier winter gear.

We are watching a storm system passing well south of New Jersey on Thursday. I think it will be far enough south of New Jersey to keep any threat of snow/rain away from our southern shores. However, we will probably see increased cloud cover in South Jersey on Thursday. Meanwhile, North Jersey will probably bask in (chilly) sunshine.

Friday will be the second of two cold days. Despite bright sunshine, thermometers will once again get stuck in the mid to upper 30s.

And that's it! Temperatures will warm heading into the weekend, making for some pretty nice late February weather. Sunny and lower 50s Saturday. Partly to mostly cloudy skies and lower 50s Sunday.

Our next storm system is showing up in the models for sometime Monday. We'll focus more on timing and details once it gets a little closer.

Have a great day!

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecast and realtime weather updates.

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