10cc is another British band, although one with a weird name. The story that I always heard was that it represented, how shall I say it, the amount of issue a man would produce when climaxing. The band eventually debunked that rumor, saying that a record company executive saw the name three times in dreams.

Anyway, their biggest hits were “I’m Not In Love”, a #2 hit in 1975, and “The Things We Do For Love” which reached #5 in 1977. Their first American hit didn’t as well, though, and that’s the song I asked Big Joe to play for me. It’s called “Rubber Bullets”, about either the Attica prison riots or a tribute to the movie “Jailhouse Rock”. In any case, it’s creative and insanely catchy, yet it only made it to #73.

This song predates the video era, so don’t expect too much.

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