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1) New Jersey Minimum Wage – Will You Vote “Yes” to Raise It? [POLL]

2) 19-Year-Old Hopatcong Kid Arrested for Having Sex With His 15 Year Old Girlfriend – Is He a Candidate for Lifetime Supervision? [POLL]

3) Food Assistance Applications Processed Slow in NJ [AUDIO] – Have you had trouble getting on the program?

4) Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer Re-Enters Politics – Could You Vote for a Politician Who Was Involved in a Sex Scandal? [POLL]

5) What are some of the drive ins you used to go to back in the day? Outdoor movies are still playing 80 years after the first drive-in opened in NJ.

6) The App Store Turns 5 – Which Apps Are Your Favorites?

7) What Are the Best Small Towns in New Jersey?

8) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten on pizza. I have a list of the worst things you can put on pizza.

9) Your brushes with wildlife - Coyote sightings are on rise in Upper Township!

10) Do you believe the “Stronger than the Storm” song is getting you to go to the shore…or will you be vacationing somewhere else?

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