A wooden sign scribbled with racist remarks posted near the PATCO Hi-Speedline tracks in Haddon Township has transit officials "disgusted" and residents "shocked."

Kristen Angelucci posted a picture of the sign on her Facebook page and said her husband, Dan, came across it while taking a walk early Thursday morning.

The sign reads: “Mexicans go back were (sic) u B long (sic). Get out wetbacks.” Additional letters appear below that, next to the name Donald Trump.

The sign was posted just off Cuthbert Boulevard near the raised railroad tracks on Atlantic Avenue and was primarily visible to residents that live on the narrow street. The property is owned by the Delaware River Port Authority, which oversees PATCO, according to courierpostonline.com.

"My first reaction, walking up to the sign, was 'I hope this isn't a racist thing,' and then when I got to the sign, I was like 'yep, it's a racist thing,'" Dan Angelucci told NJ 101.5. He also told the courierpostonline.com that he was also "shocked" after first seeing what the sign said.

Angelucci said he contacted Haddon Township police after seeing the sign, and it was eventually removed by PATCO.

"When the intelligent Trump supporters I know (yes, there are lots, let's be adults here) say that they can like his policies without taking on his hate speech, I don't know how to respond: his policies are built on hate," Kristen Angelucci said in her Facebook post. "My husband saw this on his walk this morning in our yuppy, liberal town. You can say you find this terrible and disgusting, but know that this is what your candidate of choice INTENTIONALLY brings out in people."

According to courierpostonline, John Hanson, CEO of the agency, said in a statement that he was “disgusted by the sentiment that is expressed in that sign.”

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