Of course, a typically misleading poll.

First of all, a tax that would further drive high end taxpayers out of NJ could be a disaster. Second, the risk would only produce 675 million. What?!?  We've got half that money in a state house renovation. Then a couple billion in light rails as well.

Then ya gotta ask about the proposal to renegotiate health benefits. 1.7 billion in potential savings. Then there's the 86 million giveaway to Norcross. Then the 400 million giveaway to triple five...you remember them, the mall guys from Canada. I've just identified 2.5 billion in one paragraph!

Use that money to fund the pension and then to offer tax incentives to small biz to open and hire workers in the garden state. Can anyone in Trenton hear the call for common sense?  Oh and remember, when they say 'millionaire' in New Jersey they mean all of us. #RememberTheGasTax.

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