If an advancing proposal becomes law in New Jersey, you'll no longer have to fumble through years' worth of old vehicle registration cards in the glove compartment when you're pulled over by police.

Already approved unanimously by the full Senate and cleared in late February by an Assembly committee is a proposed law that would allow drivers to provide proof of registration electronically. Currently, motor vehicle operators can only provide a registration certificate in the traditional paper form.

"There's nothing really magical or special about the registration card that says it couldn't be done easily," said Assemblyman Daniel Benson, D-Mercer. "We've already done it for insurance cards."

The measure specifically orders the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to come up with a way for drivers to display their registration cards electronically. The MVC would also have to implement rules that include provisions designed to deter and detect fraudulent documents.

"My hope is that MVC works with law enforcement and they can do an advisory to say any digital photo of the the registration card should be accepted," Benson said.

Failure to possess documentation such as your vehicle registration carries a $180 fine.

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