It’s always a treat when we find out a movie has been filmed in New Jersey, especially in an area you are familiar with.

Whether it’s one scene or the whole movie, there are a ton of movies that were shot in our state and there are more to come with Netflix's plan to build a production studio at the old Fort Monmouth.

Netflix NJ studio plans at Fort Monmouth parcel (courtesy Netflix)
Netflix NJ studio plans at Fort Monmouth parcel (courtesy Netflix)

I browsed a list of movies and couldn’t believe that they were filmed in the Garden State. Just to name a few:

School of Rock


Friday the 13th


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Chasing Amy


The Karate Kid

A Beautiful Mind

The Dark Knight Rises

Analyze This


The Amityville Horror (1979)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I stumbled upon a post on the Vineland City Facebook page asking for filming locations in Vineland.

Barbhouse Productions is looking for places to film two upcoming movies. Each movie’s filming would last 3-4 weeks and they will pay a location fee.

The first location they are seeking is a “modestly priced farmhouse style home” that has a rustic and creaky feel.

This film is titled “Penitent” and is about a woman experiencing a demonic presence in her home.

The second location they are seeking a suburban home with vinyl siding and a white picket fence.

This film is called “Nanny Cam” and is about a first-time mom dealing with anxiety that comes across a demon that is using the nanny cam to cast “terrifying images.”

If you live in the area, own a business in the area, or know someone that does and think the location would be a good fit for either of these films, the production company says you can contact them at

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