It's no secret that New Jersey is a state filled tons of talent. With the Garden State Film Festival a few months away, a pair of local actors joined Bill Spadea to discuss their latest film.

Heather O'Scanlon and Andy Peeke came to the studio to talk about the inspirations for their upcoming film, "House Broken". It's a movie, loosely based off Andy's divorce, about a troubled marriage that revolves around the constant issue of their four-year-old son, and his refusal to be potty trained.

The film was written and produced by Heather and Andy, and was filmed over three days in Heather's home. Heather's husband, New Jersey assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon, just happened to be away during the filming of the movie.

The film will debut at the 2106 Garden State Film Festival, which is held in Atlantic City, from March 31st through April 3rd. Listen to the full interview with Heather O'Scanlon and Andy Peeke in the clip above.

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