A toll increase has gone into effect on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with a higher toll on cash users to force use of EZ Pass.


Plymouth Meeting toll plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Plymouth Meeting toll plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (WTXF TV)

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission says most cash-paying customers will see a 10 percent increase, while E-ZPass users will pay 2 percent more.

The previously announced toll hikes went into effect Sunday.

The uneven increase in tolls for cash customers is an effort by the Turnpike Commission to go to a cashless toll paying system. "Today, about 68 percent of all Pennsylvania Turnpike travelers already have E-ZPass, and the commission wants to grow that number as it develops a completely cashless system, called All-Electronic Tolling, in the coming years," explains the Commission in a press release.

“Now, by setting up a toll schedule that helps E-ZPass users save about 25 percent compared to cash, we’ve provided a more appealing incentive for those who’ve been meaning to sign up.” explains acting Turnpike CEO Craig R. Shuey.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has expressed a desire of making the Garden State Parkway a cashless roadway but no programs have been implemented towards that goal.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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