It was one year ago on Friday the 13th that would turn out to be the last weekday of "normal" as we knew it.

What I remember most that day was a conversation I had at the child care center with one of the moms while picking up my kids. She worked in the medical field (I don't quite remember if she was a nurse or a doctor, but she was one on the front lines), and was having a pretty serious discussion of what was happening with the virus.

This is when we all thought it would only be for two weeks tops, but she was telling us it was much worse than we thought, and predicted the lockdowns and closures would extend well beyond that two week time frame.

And now, here we are one year later and the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly getting closer.

So, what lessons have we learned throughout this shared experience, and how do we "teach" ourselves to be "normal" again? It's going to be interesting but, just like this this past year has shown, we'll be sharing this experience together.


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