After long delays, New Jersey is finally deploying the Taser option for law enforcement, with State Police taking delivery of 40 stun guns.

When State Attorney General Paula Dow opened the door for the use of Tasers in October 2011 the intention was that they would be utilized as a "realistic" alternative to deadly force.

But there remain questions about their realistic use on New Jersey's streets and highways because of restrictions placed upon law enforcement on how and when tasers can actually be pulled out and fired in a situation.

Steve Tuttle of TASER International says that it has taken quite some time to get everybody's, "ducks in order" in New Jersey, in terms of policies, reporting and what Tuttle called, "Attorney General issues."

But Deputy State Attorney General Phil Aronow says that State Police training is now well underway, although he couldn't say exactly when the stun guns will hit the streets, or how State Police will deploy them.  He says the Tasers will also carry a video recorder. Aronow says that was part of the policy announced by the State Attorney General's Office that requires that the approved devices make a date and time-stamped digital video recording.

Taser use will be restricted to situations where the trooper or officer is trying to prevent death or serious injury to himself or others. New Jersey is the last state to deploy stun guns.