New Jersey certainly has its share of icons. Bruce Springsteen for one, who is known for his surprise appearances. Then there’s the iconic Dionne Warwick, not known for surprises but man did she pull off a great one on Saturday Night.

Since last December when the real Dionne Warwick turned 80 SNL’s Ego Nwodim has been playing her in a recurring skit, "The Dionne Warwick Talk Show." This weekend in an epic surprise appearance the fake Dionne had the real Dionne as a guest.

After interviewing people like Miley Cyrus (fake), Post Malone (fake) and Ed Sheeran (real), Nwodim’s Warwick announced she was tired of interviewing people who weren’t icons. Then said, “Please welcome…me!”

Out she walked and the live crowd went nuts. Born in Orange, New Jersey, attended East Orange High School, 56 Hot 100 hits and 12 of those Top Ten, cousin to Whitney Houston, the famous singer Dionne Warwick was flawless in being interviewed by herself.

Check it out.

While she’s old school, of course, Dionne found renewed fame on Twitter during the long pandemic by giving very honest takes on current stars.

Such as when she tweeted, “Who is Olivia Rodrigo yelling at on Good 4 U? I would like to know who we are angry with.”

So even a younger crowd now knows her. Dionne Warwick said she has loved Ego Nwodim’s impersonation of her and had a blast doing the surprise walk-on.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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