On September 30th 2012, a staple of the Garden State will be changing its landscape for 2013.The Wild Safari at Six Flags Great Adventure, the largest of its kind in Jackson, will have an all new look for next season.  You will no longer be able to drive through the world famous safari, instead you will be on a tour in a monstrous safari vehicle. The safari will no longer be a located in a separate part of the park. Thew all-new safari will be an up-close and personal VIP experience.

So to memorialize the safari, we took the Big Yellow Van on one final drive  through the wild safari to give you one final look at it in its current state. We  interviewed Kristin B Siebeneicher, Communications Manager for Six Flags Great Adventure to find out what changes are in store for the safari in 2013!

You can view the full video here:

And photos of our adventure below:


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