The president called on Facebook to restore a page taken down by the social media giant — he says without warning or cause — on Saturday.

The group, called New Jersey Women for Trump, had some 29,000 followers. After it was taken down, its members started a new page but are demanding answers on why they were removed from Facebook in the first place. (The original page has since been restored.)

Several heads of the major social media giants were called to testify in Senate hearings last week to answer accusations of censorship in favor of the political left. It seems to be an open secret that these tech giants are quick to remove anything they deem out of bounds if it favors the president or conservatives in general.

In a tweet on Saturday President Trump said, "Facebook Put them back NOW." The co-director of the group, Priscilla Confrey, told NJ Advance Media that no advance warning was given about the removal of the page and Facebook did not respond to inquiries about the move.

Once the page was reinstated, Facebook called the move an "enforcement error."

There is a lot of grassroots support for Trump on the ground even in a true-blue state like New Jersey, and some people actually think he may take the Garden State this time. With all of the backlash over Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy's shutdown of the state, there might be enough momentum to make that a reality. Stranger things have happened in the "era of Trump," like the biggest night in this era that happened just four years ago.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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