The gifts have been given. The big Times Square ball drop is just days away. Planet Earth is about to close the record books on another revolution around the sun. And 'tis the season to reminisce and recap all that happened in 2023.

Here in the weather center, I have already analyzed the hottest and coldest, the wettest and driest, and the snowiest of the year. Now it's time to close out the series with a list of the top weather and climate stories of 2023.

This will be the 9th year in a row I've compiled such an annual weather countdown for New Jersey. I have some rules:
—This list is not necessarily limited to the "biggest storms" of the year. It is New Jersey's most prominent weather stories. The headlines we cared about.
—Stretches of nice weather can make the cut. As can droughts, heat waves, cold snaps, etc. Important climate events are there too.
—The final list is admittedly totally subjective. Inclusion and ranking are based on how impactful, newsworthy, memorable, and/or widespread an individual event was for all/part of the Garden State.
—I also do not limit myself to a specific "Top ##" number. (Although this year's edition contains exactly 10 entries, plus an honorable mention.)

To refresh your memory, here are the top entries from each of the previous years:

2022... Ian
2021... Ida
2020... July, NJ's Hottest Month Ever
2019... 9 Tornadoes
2018... Wet, wet, wet, wet, wet
2017... Solar Eclipse Mania
2016... 30" of Snow, January Blizzard
2015... Spring in December

So here we go! How many of these 2023 weather and climate events do you remember, and/or affected you personally?

Dan Zarrow's Top 10 Weather and Climate Stories of 2023

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

Dan Zarrow is Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Check out Dan's weather blog or follow him on Facebook for your latest weather forecast updates.

New Jersey's Top 8 Weather Stories of 2022

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

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