In addition to the obvious, COVID is simply not that deadly unless you are already health-compromised, and over the age of 70, the vaccines themselves are potentially health compromising for some. More than three thousands deaths have been reported through the federal government so far.

And there are growing reports of fully vaccinated people dying from COVID-variants.

Are you more susceptible to variants after being vaxxed? It's a question that certainly should be raised.

How about the J&J shot, despite the CDC investigating additional deaths, back in the rotation? This may be one of the reasons that demand for the shots is waning in some parts of the nation with around 3 out of 4 Americans younger than 50 not having take even one dose.

Now, there is a report through VAERS that a breastfeeding baby died after the mother received her second shot.

Many scientists and docs are questioning why there is such a huge push to vaccinate the healthy when we know who is vulnerable to COVID but we don't yet know all of the adverse effects from the vaccine. Remember, cases collapsed across the country well before the vaccine roll out.

These are among the reasons that Assemblywoman Serena Dimaso is actively pushing to make a so-called "vaccine passport" illegal in the Garden State and put a stop to mandating the vaccine for college students. She joined me on the show Monday morning to explain her position.

Remember to report any effect you have experienced following the COVID shot.

If you need legal help pushing back against mask or vaccine mandates, please click here for legal help.

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