The battle over lawsuits involving red light cameras wages on. South Jersey towns claim their amber lights have been timed correctly all along. A lawyer handling a major class action suit disagrees.

Officials in Glassboro, Cherry Hill, Stratford and Monroe, all involved in the suit, say they submitted the necessary paperwork this month stating they found no issues with the timing of the lights.

The state DOT had suspended 63 cameras in 19 towns in June.

Stephen DeNittis, a Marlton attorney, who's handling the class action suit says towns can't be in compliance after the fact.

"The basic concept is, if they are going to be giving tickets to people for not complying with the law, the municipalities themselves need to be compliant with the law."

He said they have evidence to support that suit and that it's based on more than just a technicality.

"After investigating this further, we thought it was a valid class action to bring, to attempt to get people refunds who were issued these tickets, we believe, in these towns wrongfully."

DeNittis said its no secret that a lot of municipalities are hurting financially, "But, I don't think that gives them the right to issue tickets wrongfully as a revenue raising device."

The suit has also recently been expanded to include other towns in North Jersey including Newark, Edison and Woodbridge.

"If we are successful in this suit, and it depends on how each town wants to handle it, all those tickets that they issued would be invalid and a refund should be given."

But DeNittis cautions that could take time.

"There is a lot of dialogue and paperwork involved on both sides, I mean we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines paid to these towns, it could take months before they get reimbursed."