I’ve often said that removing plastic bags from our lives was putting marine life over human life. And the way the world has been going, that’s not a surprise. Animals are more important than humans and the environment trumps everything.

I’ve been complaining for years about the fact that cloth bags for groceries transfer bacteria into our homes and refuse to use them. Environmentalists turn a blind eye to any of these concerns, putting the health of sea turtles above ours. Politicians have ignored facts about spreading bacteria and disease with reusable bags for political purposes: America wants our leaders to be “green”. But now with coronavirus, my fears have come home to roost.

According to an article in the New York Post describing a 2018 study published in the Journal of Environmental Health, those germ-laden bags can very much make us sick. Reusable bags carry large amounts of bacteria and viruses. This has been a concern of logical Americans like me for many years but no one seemed to care. Well. What a fine pickle we’ve gotten ourselves into now, huh?

Before passing the plastic bag ban, New York state was warned about the transmission of diseases with reusable bags and knew the health benefits for humans from using the more sanitary option, plastic. Those concerns were pushed aside for the benefit of optics.

Same with NJ. Now what?

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