There are a growing number of New Jersey connections to Wednesday's riots in our nation's capitol.

Ewing resident Thomas Baranyi, 28, is seen on video taken by CBS affiliate WKRG telling how he was among those who pushed inside the Capitol and were confronted by police.

Baranyi says he was right behind a woman who refused orders to step back, and was shot in the neck. "I don't know if she is alive," Baranyi says in the interview and shows blood on his hand from where the woman fell against him.

The woman has been identified as California resident Ashli Babbitt, 35, an Air Force veteran. She was an active Trump and MAGA supporter on social media. says reporters who went to an address for Baranyi in Ewing said no one answered the door when they knocked.

In another Garden State connection, a South Jersey man has been charged for joining the riotous crowd. Lower Township resident Leonard Guthrie tells Fox 29 that he did cross a police line, but was not among the mob that entered the capitol building.

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