Come Election Day tomorrow, military vehicles will be used as portable polling places in parts of the Garden state that were battered by hurricane Sandy, and where power and flooding issues continue.

Voting Sign
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Paul Fishman, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey and the state's top federal lawman, says the Justice Department's role is to make sure there is no monkey business during the election.

"We want to make sure that voting is easy and cheating is hard" he says, "and so we've got a hotline set up for the federal government - if people feel there are illegal election practices going on - either people are being discriminated against or intimidated at the polls or anything like that we want to make sure they let us know."

He adds "it's very important that people have the right to vote, that they exercise the right to vote and if citizens see that right being infringed by anybody, that they let us know…we've set up a toll free hotline - at 855-291- 6791 - that's 855-291-6791- or they can call their local FBI office… there is nothing more important to our democracy than the right to vote - and the Justice Department has long been committed to the idea that people's right to vote should be unfettered…the integrity of the ballot process is up to the state and local officials who are administering the election in every town in New Jersey and we have confidence that they will do that with integrity, but if people have a sense that's not happening, we want to know about it."

He also says "this is obviously a very difficult time for the people of New Jersey, local, state and the federal government is doing everything they can to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, but we also want to make sure that during this crisis that people can and should exercise their right to vote."




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