New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell wants Congress to reauthorize the Traumatic Brain Injury Act, which he says is crucial for helping war veterans and athletes afflicted with this condition.

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Pascrell says 30 percent of all deaths come about because of brain injuries.

"This is a military, as well as a civilian problem. We need to be working together, and that's one of my objectives," said Pascrell.

He believes the good news is that researchers have learned more about severe brain injury in the past few years that we have in the last century.

Not only is the actual injury a major threat, but in the case of combat veterans, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is also an unwelcome side-effect.

Pascrell co-chairs the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force. Congress first passed the so-called "TBI Act" in 1996 to assist those who suffer a brain injury and their families gain access to rehabilitation and long-term care, as well as community and family support.

Right now, 21 states and territories are receiving funding for brain injury research and care.