If you've tried to go out to dinner lately and experienced a longer than usual wait, you might think it's the fact that more people are out and about due to vaccines. Think again.

Saturday night some family members tried to get a meal at a popular chain restaurant. They called ahead and were told there was no wait. So, fifteen minutes later they arrived and were told there was an hour wait, with Door Dash and Uber Eats cars lined up outside waiting to pick up food.

They were also told that the kitchen is backed up and it would be about an hour and forty-five minutes before they got any food.

The kitchen was backed up because they were short-handed.

They were short-handed because the hourly workers who would normally be in the kitchen are staying home and collecting more money than if they went to work. Who can blame them?

Well, you can blame the idiots in government who shut the world down and then decided to print money to send to them, no matter what their circumstances are.

When will the general public learn that the more government takes control and gets involved in our lives and free market system, the worse the situation gets? We talked about it on the air last week and it's been written about it here but the problem is getting worse. Small businesses of all kinds across New Jersey and around the country are having a tough time getting people to come to work.

Help wanted signs are everywhere. It not only affects you getting to go out and eat, but getting your toilet fixed or your house worked on, too.

The opportunity is there, but human nature is such that if someone is going to pay you more to stay home that to go into work and sweat in a hot kitchen all night, you're probably ordering dinner out and watching Netflix at home.

The government run by "progressive" politicians and in particular the state of New Jersey have made the situation of a global viral outbreak into a global catastrophe, aided by an ignorant and frightened electorate. Are you paying attention yet?!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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