If you're a season ticket holder of an NFL team, you are forced to buy tickets to the pre-season games. That means you're paying top dollar to see games filled with backups and guys who will end up getting cut. It's definitely not the caliber of play worth the price of the ticket.

It wasn't as bad when at least the teams would play their starters for a quarter or a half but now teams are playing their starters in joint practices that they set up with other teams. So the poor season ticket holder who's already shelled out thousands for both the game tickets as well as personal seat licenses in many cases is now forced to shell out  $70 dollars apiece if not more plus $35 dollars parking which the Giants raised this year. Nothing like taking advantage of a captive audience.

As bad as it is to force people to buy tickets for games where the stars barely play, it's even worse to force them to buy tickets at high prices for games where the stars hardly play at all. If the NFL is going to allow the teams to hold the stars out, then they should not be forcing season ticket holders to buy the pre-season games.

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The NFL will tell you that they don't want to risk injury to the starters yet they'll play them in joint practices. They'll tell you they don't want to tip their offensive or defensive strategies in the preseason. That's fine but if that's the way the NFL teams want to play it, then they shouldn't be forcing the season ticket holders to buy the pre-season games, which they end up either eating or giving away.

What the NFL should do, is put them on sale to the general public. Let them see if people would actually buy them. Perhaps they could do donate them to those who would otherwise never afford to see a live game. But then again why do something nice when you could take advantage of the loyal fans you are already overcharging, to begin with?

Al Bello
Al Bello

Such a deal these NFL season tickets. First, you pay thousands of dollars for a personal seat license which is the opportunity to purchase the tickets, then you pay thousands for the tickets themselves including the preseason seats, then parking passes. Personally, I'd rather buy a big screen TV a Red Zone package and enjoy the Giants in the comfort of my own home.

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