Who won the election last night? If you only read New Jersey newspapers ... you might not know.

Newseum.org collects front pages from the nation's papers daily. But copies of several New Jersey fronts show headlines written hours before Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump around 2:30 a.m.

It's not surprising — several of those papers share tight schedules on the same printing presses, and often have limited windows for getting their editions printed. In some cases, later editions than those sent to the Newseum may reflect the race's final results.

But in the copies of front-pages available online, the Courier-News declared the race "Too close." The Courier-Post said only the race was a "Historic moment" in its headline.

The Herald-News had the race "Down to the wire." The Home News Tribune led with "Tight race." The Jersey Journal didn't even try to address the results on the front page — it ran a full-page photo of Jersey City's long voting lines and went with "worth the wait."

From the New Jersey Herald, "tight fight for the White House." The Press of Atlantic City? "Down to the wire." "Too close to call" from the Press of Atlantic City. And The Record told us we were on the "Edge of our seats."

Some papers did wait. The Star-Ledger's headline was simple and straightforward: "Trump."

But New Jersey's selection of online front-pages was still more accurate than one from the Alabama-based Birmingham News — which shared an early, near-complete mockup (but not its final print page) with Newseum. It reads:

"Madam President."

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