NEWARK — Shabazz High School basketball players punched and kicked an assistant coach outside the school upon the team’s return from an away game, according to video taken by parents.

Video of the incident was given to RLS Metro Breaking News, which posted a screen shot showing someone on the ground surrounded by three people.  The incident took place outside the school on Tuesday night when the boys junior varsity team returned from a game in Livingston, according to the report.

In a copy of the video provided by RLS to New Jersey 101.5,  three students are seen chasing the coach toward the school as someone yells, "they're about to jump the basketball coach! They're about to jump the basketball coach." One of the students pulls the coach to the ground and several other people join the group kicking the coach.

"Kill! Kill!" can be heard repeatedly as kicking and punching continues for several seconds. The group then stops and walks away as the coach gets up and the video ends.

The players punched, kicked and stomped the coach for about 25 seconds before he got up on his own and walked away, according to the RLS report.

RLS said the video was taken by parents who said it was the latest in a series violent group attacks on student at the school.

Newark police did not return several messages asking about the incident. Board of Education Nancy J. Deering told New Jersey 101.5 the incident is "under investigation."

A spokesman for the NJSIAA told New Jersey 101.5 it was not aware of the incident. reported viewing the video and said at least four players were involved in the attack. Neither outlet posted the video on their respective websites.

During the game the players fought among themselves, Livingston school officials told RLS. Livingston won the game 58-51 as Shabazz's record fell to 0-14.

Mayor Ras Baraka said that he went to the school Thursday morning to meet with players, coaches and Superintendent Roger Leon.

"The actions of these students will not be tolerated and they do not represent the majority of the school," Baraka said in a written statement. "We support the superintendent and principal and will do what we can to make the rest of the year successful."

It's not known if charges have been filed against any of the students. reported that unnamed school officials told them the players involved were suspended.

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