If you're looking for a fun day and evening out for the family on New Year's Eve, try Philly.

Go to Old City, check out the Liberty Bell and historic sites in the afternoon, and head a few block toward Jersey and check out Penn's Landing. Bring your ice skates or you can rent a pair at the River Rink.

The good news is there are two separate fireworks displays. The first one is at 6 p.m,, if you want to get home and avoid the chaos of New Year's Eve in the city. If you don't have the kids in tow and are just looking for a great night to party, fear not, there is another round of fireworks at midnight too.

For a real unique treat (and my personal favorite), stay overnight or drive down in the morning anytime and check out the Mummers Parade. It's a nearly 120-year tradition that has to been seen and heard to really be appreciated.

Most of us are not "parade people," but this is a street party where everybody is your friend and the good times last all day long. There are the famous string bands and costumes that make Mardi Gras look like child's play. Park a couple of blocks east of Broad Street anywhere south of Market and walk a few blocks to the parade route. Guaranteed, you'll be taking your friends next year.

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