We don’t often, if ever, talk sports on the D&D show, because, well, there are a lot of sports stations around if that’s what you like, but I saw this new list on Grantland of baseball’s worst contracts and the sheer magnitude of the contracts really caught my attention.

Check out Grantland's list of baseball's worst contracts here.

I guess through the years we’ve become inured to the staggering amounts we, as fans, pay these elite, or once-elite, athletes. I’ve always believed that the person signing a huge check like that is probably doing just as well as the guy receiving the contract, so I don’t feel bad for the owners who are on the hook for these ginormous salaries, but I do feel bad for the fan who is paying $6 for a hot dog or $10 for a beer. Not surprisingly, Ryan Howard of the Phillies reaches the top five and A-Rod is number one on the bad contract list.

Who do you think is the most overpaid athlete in all of sports? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.