This year's round of Jersey-born peaches are looking good so far, and the season is about underway at farms throughout the state.

Peaches at Krowicki's Farm Market in New Egypt (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

The weather has been much more cooperative this year than last. Late freezes in 2014 killed many peaches in their early stages. Milder nights and hotter days this year, plus a few nighttime storms, paved the way for a solid 2015.

About three months go by between the initial bloom and the first picking.

"Right now there's a pretty plentiful crop," said Christina Krowicki of Krowicki's Farm Market in New Egypt.

While consumers may have to wait a while to see Jersey Fresh peaches in their local supermarket, Krowicki said farms should have peaches ready to pick and purchase by this weekend.

"When you pick them off the tree, they're juicy and warm," she said. "You get them in the grocery store and they're hard."

She said supermarkets will begin carrying local products once the season hits full swing and an overabundance of peaches drives down the cost.

According to the state website, there are 23 farms in New Jersey that let visitors pick their own peaches.

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