It's only a matter of time before our nanny state lawmakers get their way and ban plastic bags in New Jersey. I'm not talking about the ones you have to buy in the grocery isles, I'm talking bout the free ones you get when you buy something to make it convenient to carry it home. Those are the evil bags!

Yeah, the New Jersey bag ban is coming. A Monmouth University poll say nearly 2/3 of people support the bag ban, however the number drops by more than half when charging becomes an alternative.

I guess we're not too worried about the marine life when we can make a few bucks. Let's dive deeper into the marine life argument shall we. If we're so worried about the marine life, then why do we still sell boxes of bags in the grocery store? Personally I'd be very happy if I were being chased in the ocean by a great white if a big old hefty bag got between us. What about fishermen who catch and release? Should that be banned? It hasn't worked out at the border. Just saying ...

Contrary to what they would have you believe, those single use plastic bags have many uses. In my house they line my trash cans, they're also used to pick up after the dog and not to mention lunches or if I ever have to bring stuff with me somewhere for any reason.

I'm repulsed by the idea of buying and keeping bags in my car to use in the stores. You'll never keep them clean and inevitably they will breed disease. Also you'll never have them when you need them. That could cause impulse buying to drop. Also if the stores start selling them with their logo on them, other stores will have to look at their competition labels in their establishments. It could get ugly.

In he end, I think it should be left up to the people. If you believe that the bag will someday be a hazard at sea, then don't take it. You'll feel better knowing that you may be saving the life of a bird or fish, at least until it's predator gets it. If you can live with yourself knowing that some animal could lose his life so that you could take home your groceries, that's on you. As far as I'm concerned I think we should just bag the whole idea.

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