It's been over a year since the novel coronavirus shook the world and brought economies to their knees and killed thousands around the globe.

At first, no one knew exactly how dangerous, how deadly or how long we would be terrified. Some of us took the available information along with the suitable precautions and kept living our lives.

Many people here in New Jersey took cover, and are still terrified of a virus that is deadly among certain vulnerable populations but no so to the vast majority.

Many of those who were hospitalized due to the disease were obese, nearly 80%.  Unfortunately, many people in this state and around the country do not take proper care of their own health. That is also what was missing in all of the precautionary messages from the so-called experts.

They told us to wash our hand, avoid crowds, wait for and now get a vaccine, wear a mask, but very little emphasis was put on staying or getting HEALTHY!

It's funny that the age group that should be the healthiest, 18–24-year-olds, are the most nervous about returning to social interactions. Even though this group has a 0.006 percent chance of dying from COVID-19, they are the most afraid. Why? Could it be all of the messages they're exposed to on social media that continue to panic people, or their lack of life experience, or just a way to virtue signal to the world that they are doing their part?

Whatever the reason, it's a disturbing signal for our future. This is the generation of our future. They will either learn from their overreaction or continue to repeat this bizarre behavior shaping our society for years to come. Which one are you betting on?

I'm just glad I won't be around to see what comes of it years down the road. But my kids and grandkids will be and that's what worries me most, not the virus.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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