Amber Marchese is one of the newest cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, whose storyline brings a new meaning to reality TV. Amber is a breast cancer survivor, and she's opened up about her cancer battle on television. I was able to speak with Amber about the importance of breast cancer awareness. 

Amber Marchese is very open about her battle with breast cancer, but that wasn't always the case. The Colts Neck housewife told me in our exclusive interview about her personal experience with breast cancer. Marchese's roller coaster of emotions ranged from her feelings at the time of her diagnosis, to how her life has changed since becoming cancer-free. Amber also shared how it felt for her to allow cameras in the doctor's office during her 5 year checkup.

The video above shows a clip from the Real Housewives of NJ, where Amber's husband Jim shares what it was like for him to be there for Amber while she was battling cancer.

Amber shared how women in New Jersey can get involved during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and told me about some charities she's worked with. Amber mentioned The Beauty Foundation, an organization that raises money to cover expenses for cancer patients that normally would not be covered under insurance. She also spoke about how she recently helped out Team Tackle of the Bronx, and shared the story of a young woman from the Bronx who lost her life to cancer. Amber emphasized that spreading awareness is crucial, and that cancer can happen to anyone - it is important for all women to constantly screen themselves for cancer, and to see a doctor even if the smallest abnormality is detected.

Amber is definitely a very strong woman. Her experiences with cancer have helped her to embrace life, and to spread hope to those who are currently sharing in the same experience. She has received positive messages from viewers of the show on her social media accounts, and is extremely grateful for the chance the show has given her to share her story.

Listen to my interview with Amber Marchese below. I'd like to take a moment to thank Amber for her time. Amber is a wonderful role model for all women who are trying to stay strong and positive through their own battles with breast cancer.

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