I'm a huge fan of buying, eating, and drinking locally produced goods. New Jersey has seen an explosion in craft beer within the last five years. We now have about 70 breweries to choose from in NJ with 40 more in the works; making it so easy to drink locally crafted beer.

This week Cape May Brewing Company took it one step further debuting their Three Plows IPA and becoming the first New Jersey craft brewery to release a beer brewed exclusively with NJ ingredients.

Three Plows celebrates New Jersey's long agricultural history. Harking back to a time when rolling farmland dominated two thirds of the state. A time when New Jersey was an agricultural powerhouse producing a bounty not only for itself, but also feeding New York and Philadelphia. It's how we got the Garden State nickname.

Valley Forge Flag via Amazon
Valley Forge Flag via Amazon

Three Plows honors this history and gets its name from the three plows on the NJ state flag. The symbol of three plows also depicting the order of statehood, with New Jersey being the third state in the union.

Cape May Brewing Company sourced ingredients from all over New Jersey to make this very special IPA. The barley was grown by Rabbit Hill Farms in Shiloh. The hops coming from Laughing Hops grown in Pennington. The yeast cultivated in Hillsborough by East Coast Yeast and the water which came from the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer.

It's a truly New Jersey beer and worthy of a Jersey Fresh label. Three Plows released on Nov. 10 so I haven't had the pleasure of trying this one yet. Tasting notes from the brewery's website:

Three Plows has a smooth malt sweetness, a firm and earthy bitterness, and a complimentary fruit note from the yeast, leaving an IPA that is uniquely New Jersey.

It comes in at 6.0% ABV with 50 IBU and is only available at the brewery tasting room by pint or growler fills.