The 37th Annual Clearwater Festival will take place in Asbury Park on Saturday, August 11.

Clearwater Festival (Handout Photo: The NJ Friends of Clearwater)

The Clearwater Festival will feature music, children’s programs, environmental exhibits, food and crafts. The event is sponsored by the non-profit organization of New Jersey Friends of Clearwater.

Throughout the festival there will be national and local bands playing a variety of different genres of music as well as may environmentally-friendly vendors and crafters, who will be offering their products as well as giving out some environmental tips.

The Clearwater Festival is family-friendly as there will be storytellers, singers, face painting and environmental displays to not only educate the children, but to entertain them as well.

The festival focuses on informing the public on how they can contribute to protecting the environment in daily life as well as encouraging the public to join in group efforts to advocate for stronger laws and practices to protect the environment.

There will also be an environmental justice roundtable of urban and workplace leaders who will discuss environmental issues that affect the young and poor populations in New Jersey.

Started in 1974, New Jersey Friends of Clearwater is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to educate children and adults on the importance of clean and clear water. The organization focuses a large majority of their efforts on the waterways within New Jersey.

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