A car traveling through Times Square jumped the curb and plowed through a crowd of pedestrians, killing one person and injuring at least 20 others. http://nj1015.com/car-jumps-curb-in-times-square-killing-1-injuring-13/

NJ Transit is investigating why a train door was left open on a trip from New York Penn Station to Trenton. http://nj1015.com/this-nj-transit-train-barreled-down-the-tracks-for-a-half-hour-with-an-open-door/

A law on the books for decades in New Jersey holds drug dealers and makers criminally responsible for the overdoses they cause, but the state's arrest numbers have been pretty weak through 2016. http://nj1015.com/nabbing-the-drug-dealers-responsible-for-njs-overdose-deaths/


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