NEPTUNE CITY — A man and woman have been charged with eight counts of animal cruelty after pit pull dogs and puppies were found living in their own filth outside the couple's apartment on Saturday.

Kaniesha Bacon, 30, and Xavier Reed, 29, were charged Thursday. Police on Saturday responding to a complaint of excessive barking and whining at the Brighton Apartments on West Sylvania Avenue and found the dogs in small crates soiled with feces and urine.

Vets examining the dogs at the Monmouth County SPCA's shelter in Eatontown found  intestinal parasites, overgrown nails, skin sores, dirty coats and ear and skin infections.

Dog rescued from a residence in Neptune City (MCSPCA)

One of the adult dogs was covered in scars and wounds, which the MCSPCA said is sometimes an indication of being used as a bait-dog in dog fighting.

Ross Licitra, MCSPCA executive director and the chief humane law enforcement officer for the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, told New Jersey 101.5 that it can be tough to prove the dogs were involved in illegal fighting.

Licitra said the dogs are doing well at the shelter.

"They have some issues with their paws from being left in the crates too long and standing in urine," Licitra said.

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