The governor has called his constituents knuckleheads in the past for disagreeing with his authoritarian rules and directives since the outbreak of COVID-19 last year. What he did Wednesday in Union City was absolutely unbecoming of a public figure, un-American, rude, obnoxious, and despicable.

In what was seemingly and uncharacteristic display of disrespect and outrage for his own citizens, he screamed at them, calling them knuckleheads, and accused them of murder during the rise in cases of the coronavirus.

He was at a public event surrounded by his usual government lackies, hangers on, handout seekers, and lefty loyalists, when a group of protesters displayed signs and expressed their displeasure with the governor's COVID vaccination policy.

You usually don't see him react this way, because he does not do open public towns halls or even open broadcasts like most of his predecessors would do on our station. He does not like any pushback.

That's why whenever he's interacting with the public or the press, it's carefully screened, choreographed, or staged. He stopped doing open townhalls because he does not tolerate any dissent from his opinion or position. His angry, ugly outburst, typical of far-left dictators, was abhorrent.

He's a tyrannical autocrat who has most of the public fooled into thinking he's a caring, well measured executive who cares about his people. If he cared about his people, he would know that those in the crowd Wednesday were not "knuckleheads." Many of them probably voted for him.

They are people who have had family members permanently and seriously injured by mandatory vaccines and they want autonomy over their own bodies and their own health. They're not extreme, fringe nutjobs with some political ax to grind. They're the people he serves, who have legitimate concerns, not only about their health and well-being, but about the well-being of our rights.

Murphy has no idea that his role is not that of a king who was anointed to rule over us, but a public servant whose primary job is to protect our rights as free citizens.

His display Wednesday was absolutely out of bounds and should be a clear indication to anyone that values the freedoms, we so casually, too often take for granted, are under grave threat by people like him.

A man who came out of nowhere to buy the governor's seat in this state to gain more power and influence to change our state into something you won't recognize when your children and grandchildren will have to suffer the consequences of his current actions.

Whatever your political leanings or affiliations, if what he did on Wednesday doesn't outrage you enough to see what a danger, he and his type of governing is, God help us all.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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