Gov. Chris Christie has nothing to say to Meghan McCain, who criticized Christie on CNN yesterday.

"But if John McCain wants to say something to me, I'm happy to respond," Christie said.

Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, political blogger, and now talk-show host, told CNN yesterday she was "over" Christie.

She was reviewing potential 2016 presidental candidates with CNN host Piers Morgan. She asserted Christie spends too much time talking about himself. "I would like the next leader of the Republican Party, and the next nominee, to maybe be a little more interested in helping the country than just their platform," she said.

Christie was incensed that he was asked to respond to McCain, calling the situation "ridiculous" and "sophomoric."

He might have answered her criticisms as a citizen, but "since she doesn't live in New Jersey, I'm not responding. I'm not going to respond to somebody just because of their last name."

McCain, who saw Christie's non-response to us when it was posted on Twitter, tweeted:

"Uh, yeah, I would agree that both political journalists and governors have better things to do than worry about me."

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