Our #BlueFriday honoree today is the Chief of Police in Manchester New Jersey, Lisa Parker.

Last week, a family member of a man called police to report that the 25-year-old man, suffering from mental illness, had a loaded rifle. The Manchester Police immediately went into action. No, they didn’t storm the house, breaking down the door. They talked. And they were able to stop the threat and convince the man to step outside and surrender. Now hopefully he’s getting the help he needs.

Unfortunately, the media today too often portrays cops in a bad light and highlights only the times where they must be aggressive and use force. What the media has failed to do is recognize the millions of interactions that happen every year between cops and the public and the thousands that happen right in our area where calm, highly trained and responsible cops stop a threat without anyone getting hurt.

Thank you Chief Parker for leading a strong group of cops and keeping our community safe and secure.

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