With the New Jersey Senate race a virtual dead heat less than two weeks before the elections, the Menendez campaign is pulling out all the stops. And apparently campaign signs too! In an extremely blue state, the prospect of a Republican gaining a U.S. Senate seat is more than the Democrats in power can bear.

Can we expect a fair election? That is the party of government. If you wonder how we elected someone like Phil Murphy, it's easy to figure out. Many people in the state work in some form of government or have a spouse or close relative that does. He promised to give them everything that "Chubby" wouldn't and a lot of Republicans stayed home after being disappointed by Christie. Viola... you got Murphy, for at least another three years.

New Jerseyans may lean left, for whatever reason, but they don't lean stupid. People are fed up with politicians who squander their money and especially ones that were indicted for corruption and somehow got off. You vote for who you think will do better for you and your family, and that's your business. Having a fair and honest representative and election is all OUR business!

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