Long Branch Police Officer Tom Olski was diagnosed in 2020 with advanced kidney disease and is in need of a new kidney. Thankfully his sister is a match and as long as everything stays on track, hopefully Officer Olski will be on the mend soon.

That said, we picked him as our honoree today, not because of his illness, but because of his strength and determination as he continues working despite the fact that he's going through dialysis three times a week.

Struggling through a disease and mounting medical bills is a trying experience for any person especially when you have a family to provide for.

Officer Olski is not a complainer and refuses to be a victim. He represents the best that our local law enforcement has to offer.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the surgery will be a success so the family is asking for people to take a test to see if they are potentially a match for Tom. If you can help, please email helpingtom336@gmail.com

But as Patrolman George "Tom" Olski prepares for surgery, he and his family still have an incredibly tough road ahead of them. First, there is a chance the transplant surgery won't be successful. Secondly, he and his wife are facing mounting medical bills as Olski has had to undergo dialysis three times a week, in addition to still working as a police officer.

This week, Olski was presented with a $5,000 check from the 200 Club of Monmouth County, an organization that helps law enforcement, first responders and their families in need. - Carly Baldwin, Patch Staff at patch.com

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2020 Blue Friday Honorees

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