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Even though many US states are legalizing online sports betting in these years, they’re more reluctant to legalize classic online casinos. Six states have made it possible for their residents to play online casino games. However, many Americans still have to visit a land-based casino if they want to spin the roulette wheel or enjoy a game of poker in a legal manner.

Since 2018, many US states have changed their regulation of online gambling. But as it stands, most have been focusing on legalizing online sports betting. Online sports betting has received tremendous attention and popularity in recent years. Many states have yet to legalize online gambling.

This is despite the massive popularity that online casinos are experiencing in many countries and the few states where it’s legal. The number of online casinos available keeps on growing on a worldwide scale. On popular sites like, players are now able to choose between hundreds of games with various bonuses and promotional offers. The convenience of online gambling and the many gaming options are two vital factors that attract modern players.

Online Casino Games are Legal in Six States

At the end of 2022, only six states have legalized online casino games. These states are Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Michigan.

In these states, it’s possible to play some form of online casino games. Some have more restrictive rules than others. In Nevada, for example, they’ve surprisingly only legalized online poker games so far.

The future will probably bring more legalization but there is also quite resistance to many forms of online casino games in many places in the US.

Online Sports Betting is Getting Legalized

When it comes to online sports betting, it’s a different story.

Over the course of the last five years, many US states have legalized online sports betting. Today, no less than thirty-five states have legalized sports betting and more are discussing it. Even though classic online casino games aren’t legalized everywhere in the US, it’s possible to gamble otherwise in more places.

This can be lottery games, sports betting and classic casino games at land-based casinos. It’s always a good idea to check the specific law in your state if you’re interested in any type of gambling online, as the law varies quite a bit from state to state.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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