Senator Joe Pannacchio has a problem with Governor Murphy's, "Don't Be A Knucklehead" signs posted at newly reopened New Jersey State parks to remind us not to disobey the rules of social distancing. I'm guessing the senator is also not a fan of the "The Three Stooges." In his newsletter, he condemns the signs saying:

"I strongly condemn the flippant language the Governor has used in press conferences and on these signs. It is disrespectful to the citizens of New Jersey who have – and will continue to – make hard sacrifices to stop the spread of the coronavirus and save lives."

Flippant language? When you read what New Jersey politicians have said both too and about each other, "knucklehead" doesn't even make the top ten. It may not even top Governor Christie alone, who one called Trenton mayor Reid Gusciaora a "numbnuts," a Navy Seal an "idiot," and once told New Jerseyans while evacuating Asbury Park to "get the hell off the beach." 

Gusciora says he considers "numb nuts" a "term of endearment." After all, New Jersey leads the nation in the use of obscenities. What Mayor Gusciaora does not consider endearing though is when Councilwoman Robin Vaughn allegedly goes off in a briefing, accusing another legislator of sucking his d**k. Also on the call and trying to restore order was Kathy McBride, who once made her own anti-Semitic remark, according to the Trentonian.

That Trentonian article also went on to say, "Several city officials said Vaughn called (East Ward Councilman Joe) Harrison's mother a 'whore' and claimed his father was a deadbeat and suggested Trenton officials were a bunch of 'b**ches.'"

And this guy's worried about 'Knucklehead?'

"The sophomoric language is unbecoming of the Governor, and certainly not fair to the people of New Jersey," Senator Pannacchio continued to say in his newsletter. "Webster defines a knucklehead as a ‘stupid person.’ Is that what you think of sacrificing New Jersey citizens? Really?”

Really, of all the shots you can take at the governors handling of the coronavirus pandemic and state shutdown, calling people a "knucklehead" is too way too far down the list...unless this knucklehead closes them again! See what I did there?

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